A Deep Truth From Gregg | November 26, 2015

We've been led to believe we can fix the problems, rather than adapting to the extremes that have become the new normal.

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Inner Balance | A Powerful 2-Step Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm

This meditation is a powerful technique that will allow you to shift from stressed-out to instant inner peace and calm. The technique cultivates heart-brain coherence — what athletes call being in “the zone” — and is appropriately called the Quick Coherence® Technique and has been refined into two simple steps that you can do right now — wherever you are.

Increase Intuition - Heart Brain Coherence for Intuition

Independently, each of the following steps sends a signal to your body that a specific shift to peace and calm has been put into motion. Combined, the steps create an experience that takes us back to a natural inner harmony that existed in our bodies earlier in life, before we began to separate our heart-brain network through our conditioning. Continue Reading

Ancient Civilizations

A Message from a Native American Wisdom Keeper

Gregg Braden

The last thing I expected to see on a late October afternoon hiking in a remote canyon of the Four Corners area in northwestern New Mexico was a Native American wisdom keeper walking toward me on the same trail. Yet there he was, standing at the top of the small incline that separated us as […]

Ancient Civilizations, Healing

The First 100 Years Are the Toughest

Gregg Braden

Why does the maximum human age seem to hover around the 100-year mark?  Why not 200 or even 500 years?  If we’re to believe accounts in the Torah and Old Testament texts, many ancient people measured their lives in terms of centuries, rather than the decades that we use today.  Adam, for example, is documented […]

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