A Deep Truth From Gregg | June 28, 2016

The very principles that have helped us feel secure in our communities and homes are changing. Facts like these lead us to one of the most crucial, yet least understood realizations of our era: we're living a time of many extremes, and they're all happening at once!

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Quantum Physics | Living In A Virtual Simulation

In the 1940s Konrad Zuse (pronounced zoo-s˘uh), the man credited with developing the first computers, had a flash of insight into the way the universe may work. When he did so, he also gave us a new way of thinking about our role in creation. While he was developing the programs to run his early computers, he asked a question that sounds more like something out of the plot of a novel than an idea meant to be taken as a serious scientific possibility.

Zuse’s question was simply this: Is it possible that the entire universe operates as a big computer, with a code that makes whatever is possible, possible? Or, perhaps even more bizarre, he wondered if a form of cosmic computing machinery is continually creating the universe and everything in it. In other words, are we living a virtual reality running on a really big computer made of quantum energy itself? Continue Reading

Inner Balance

A Powerful 2-Step Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm

Gregg Braden

This meditation is a powerful technique that will allow you to shift from stressed-out to instant inner peace and calm. The technique cultivates heart-brain coherence — what athletes call being in “the zone” — and is appropriately called the Quick Coherence® Technique and has been refined into two simple steps that you can do right […]

Ancient Civilizations

A Message from a Native American Wisdom Keeper

Gregg Braden

The last thing I expected to see on a late October afternoon hiking in a remote canyon of the Four Corners area in northwestern New Mexico was a Native American wisdom keeper walking toward me on the same trail. Yet there he was, standing at the top of the small incline that separated us as […]

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