What People Are Saying

Thank you, Gregg (and wonderful team)!  What a tremendous gift to have been with you at your recent NM annual retreat, with such profound learnings and rememberings, and on beautiful sovereign Pueblo land too!  Gregg’s deep devotion to his life’s work and artistry, combined with his obvious passion, his generous care, sensitivity, and humor, and his intimate communion with his audience, provided an unforgettable and fun experience that I was honored to be a part of, along with several members of my heart/soul-family who also attended.  I’m already looking forward to my next Gregg Braden event opportunity, and sending you all much love, appreciation, and blessings in the meantime!

“K.B., Infinite Richness”


It has been a week since the Cell to Soul retreat, and I am still processing and digesting what I learned and experienced; the knowledge, wisdom, humor, friendship, and open and authentic love. The teachings helped me tweak my own soul, as it continues to evolve with every new experience. The heart resonance of this workshop reached beyond our room, waving out into the Field. Blessings to all, and especially to Gregg Braden, for the gift of eternal friendship, love, and deeper understanding of what makes each one of us so special — and reminding us of the great things we can do as One.

Thank you! Gracias!   Elahkwa (Zuni for Thank You).

Wendy Dudley


Dear Gregg, Elan, Lauri and team…
For almost a year I have been waiting for the Cell to Soul retreat to come. It does not matter how high my expectations were because those four days were above and beyond my expectations. Thank you for the authenticity, the humor, the humanity and the care always present. Thank you for the invaluable information/  And last but not least, for the lasting change in my perception about life.

I will be the best synthesizer I can be!

My deepest respect and gratitude,
Jez ❤

Jezabel Rabaneda Boó
Barcelona, Spain & West Palm Beach, FL.


Cell to soul retreat, for me was an extraordinary experience on many different levels. Gregg Braden, with the power of his beautiful light, was able not just to help me to connect with deep levels of my heart, but also, with his skill to communicate the knowledge, I learned a lot of new material that I haven’t had access to before.

Gregg’s ability to connect scientific research with ancient knowledge is brilliant, in addition to his ability to communicate the knowledge in a very simple language. I’m truly fascinated and inspired with his work. I also admire his nurturing nature. The location and set up for this seminar was hand picked, and all details were carefully looked after. I had an amazing experience from all perspectives. The Tamaya resort at Sacred Native land of Santa Anna Pueblo felt very special and appropriate for this type of spiritual gathering. The magic of the nature just added an extra refinement and flavor to this whole experience.

Thank you, Gregg and your whole team, for making this beautiful event happen!

With love and gratitude!

Vesna Kosec


Hello Gregg,

Resilience from the Heart paperbackYour Resilience From The Heart is a special book for our times now here and throughout the world community. I picked up and read your book on Kindle and then bought the book for a more complete study.  It’s a beauty written for each of us personally and collectively as the way through the present phases into an evolving world state. It’s a multi-dimensional look about where WE are now on the planet, what got us here and how we can play a deliberate part improving the health of our world.

I recently mentioned the book in a newsletter I sent to around 400 people on my mailing list.  A big THANK YOU for the gifts contained.

Ronald Polack, www.ronald-healing.com


Dear Gregg
I´m María Laura, from Tandil, the most beautiful place in Argentina!!!! La Matriz Divina por Gregg Braden I´m deeply thankful for your book La Matriz Divina, i´ve just finished it, and with tears in my eyes I say….thankkkkkkkkkkkkkk you!! my soul is dancing…..it´s as if I can see a new door…an open door from where hints of light are inviting me to……go into….MY HEART…..
I love you!! I am a teacher of English, and in my classes I always encourage my students to trust their own feelings…it is the first step, isn’t it?
María Laura
Tandil in Buenos Aires, Argentina


marilyn-codyThis is my third time listening to Gregg Braden. And this time I brought my 15-year-old son, Cody. I have always felt, from the first time I had heard an audio tape of Gregg’s, that the information, knowledge, and wisdom shared by Gregg were and are invaluable. Especially more so for the young minds – or children.

It just so happened that one of Cody’s teachers showed a Heart Math Institute video for a class discussion after we returned to Houston!

I look forward to attending more Gregg Braden sessions (with Cody!). If I have learned anything, I know I learn something new and invaluable each time I attend one of these sessions/events.

The participants themselves are a great bunch! Attending these sessions is also a great way to connect with persons sharing similar interests.

Thanks, Elan! For organizing events such as Gregg’s so we can learn and make this world a better place … a cell at a time…. a soul at a time.

Peace be with you and yours,

Marilyn Mullins