i’m Magazine: A 6-Part Video Interview

Rita Matos | i'm Magazine | October 2015

To find your life purpose, your heart and mind must be connected, says Gregg Braden. What you do for a living is less important than what you feel about doing it. And if it’s not fulfilling, there’s no connection. The question is “How can we marry heart and mind?” and go find your life purpose? […]

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Listen to Gregg Braden On the Dr. Julie Show

Discussing New Research in Sensory Neurites

Dr. Julie Show | Empower On-Demand | September 2015

Heart Neuron-Cells Discussed Further in Gregg’s New Book Resilience from The Heart: Dr. Julie: Can leading-edge science merge with present day realities to reveal strategies for embracing stressful change in our lives? And can the surprising discovery of brain-like cells — yep, you heard me right — I said brain-like cells — located within the […]

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Gregg Braden Featured on GaiamTV

George Noory | GaiamTV - Beyond Belief | March 2015

Gregg Braden unravels the greatest mysteries of our time with George Noory on Beyond Belief! George and Gregg will dive into how science and ancient teachings can be used together to unfold some of our greatest mysteries of our time. inspirations in a minute huff post

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Gregg Braden Featured on Cover of OM Times Magazine

Feature Story: Interview with Gregg Braden – Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes

Dirk Terpstra | OM Times | November 2014

 An excerpt from the full interview: “Peer-reviewed science supports the new discoveries that we talk about in this conversation and that I talk about in my book.  The popular science has yet to catch up with that.  In mainstream media, mainstream textbooks, mainstream classrooms are still teaching the old scientific story and when I asked […]

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Welcome to the New

Reaching New Frontiers

Gregg Braden | Facebook | October 2014

I have some exciting news. Myself, in conjunction with my fabulous publisher, Hay House Publishing, are announcing my new and improvied(sic) web site. Please check it out and let me know what you think. It’s been a work in progress. I want to thank Louise, Reid and Hay House’s staff, especially Kathryn Wells, along with […]

Read more Member Review of The Turning Point

Olga Sotomayor | Goodreads | January 2014

Gregg Braden has spelled it all out in The Turning Point, it is a book that will create a shift in awareness for the reader. A book everyone should read as we prepare ourselves to be resilient as a species and come together and implement solutions that will sustain planet earth. Olga Sotomayor, Goodreads Member

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The Divine Matrix Part 2

Donna Voll

Donna Voll | Spirit Radio | January 2007

We live our lives based on what we believe – about our world, ourselves, our capabilities and our limits. More often than not, those beliefs come from what science, religion, history and other people tell us! What if they’re wrong? Gregg’s newest book is now being released.

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Fire It Up by CJ – Deep Truth

Igniting The Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate

CJ | Fire It Up With CJ | November 2013

Join CJ as she interviews Gregg Braden on his newest book “Deep Truth”. Gregg will open your eyes up to new scientific discoveries not widely known that will shift your sense of our origins, history, destiny, and fate. You’ll hear information that will shift your sense of the real cause behind climate change, the timeline […]

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