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The Discovery Of DNA

A Mind Boggling Time

Gregg Braden
 In the overall scheme of the cosmos, we have existed only briefly as a species within our planet’s lifespan. In a college text, I remember seeing the age of the universe and the birth of humankind depicted on the face of a typical clock to illustrate the relative times of their appearance. With each hour of the clock representing vast expanses of Earth’s existence, it was only in the last two to three minutes before 12 o’clock that the first evidence of human life appears. Although the controversy continues regarding precisely what happened before the moment of creation and the beginnings of human life, there appears to be a growing consensus as to when each began. With new evidence supporting the Big Bang theory, the birth of the universe has now been revised to approximately 13 to14 billion years ago. Within this mind-boggling period of time, Earth is believed to have formed approximately Continue Reading