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The Hidden Code Of The Hebrew Language

As the taxi rolled to a stop in front of the museum, lines of people were already bulging beyond the entrance, spilling down tiers of concrete steps into the drizzle of a spring storm. Earlier in the afternoon, I had completed an interview with a writer from one of the national news services that included a lengthy discussion of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“The Scrolls are here in town!” she had exclaimed following the interview. “At the Chicago Field Museum.”

“Really?!” I replied. “How far is the museum from where we are right now?”

“With traffic, maybe 15 minutes by taxi,” she answered.

“Although I have seen the Coptic manuscripts in Egypt and studied the words of the scrolls extensively, I have never seen the actual Dead Sea Scrolls! I would love to see them,” I said. “Maybe we should have a field trip.”

That was all it took. In a matter of minutes, we were in a cab and off to the museum. As we stepped from the taxi into the icy wind, I pointed to the lines of people. “Are they all here to see the scrolls?” I asked. “Some are,” she replied, “but many are probably here to see Sue.” It just happened that the time we chose for our visit to the scrolls was also the opening of the exhibit for the most complete remains of a Tyrannosaurus rex discovered to date, nicknamed “Sue.” Both were in the same museum, only a few hundred feet apart.

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