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Ancient Prophecies Coming True

The visions of a world-age transition, and what follows it, extend far beyond the ancient and indigenous worldviews into the era of recorded history. For more than 400 years such visions of the future have fallen into the realm of prophecy, and the word itself has been nearly synonymous with the names of great seers such as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus.

Born in 1503, Nostradamus was fascinated by the profound visions of ancient oracles and studied them to work on his own techniques of prophecy. Using what he learned, Nostradamus developed a gift of second sight that allowed him to peer—to remote-view—well into his future and even beyond ours, to witness events that had yet to occur with extraordinary detail and accuracy. In what is arguably his best-known work, Centuries, he recorded what he saw from his vantage point in the 16th century, through the next ten centuries, and then even beyond our time, ending in the year a.d. 3797. Some scholars believe his future sight may have extended even further. Continue Reading