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What Can Software Teach You About Rewriting Your Beliefs?

Are You Clinging to Beliefs That Are Holding You Back?

Gregg Braden
After leaving the corporate world in 1990, I was living temporar­ily in the San Francisco area developing seminars and writing books by day.

In the evenings, I would work with clients who had asked for my help in understanding the role of belief in their lives and relation­ships.

One evening I scheduled an appointment with a client whom I’d worked with many times before.

Our session began as usual. As the woman relaxed into the wicker chair in front of me, I asked her to describe what had happened in the week since we’d last talked.

She began telling me about her relation­ship with her husband of 18 years. For much of the marriage they’d fought, sometimes violently. She had been on the receiving end of daily criticism and invalidation of everything from her Continue Reading