Luminarium Congress 2020

Luminarium Congress 2020

Event Start Date: October 27, 2020

Event End Date: November 1, 2020

Join Gregg Braden along with other brilliant minds on October 27 - November 1, 2020, for an online event that will bring new paradigms to humanity about life, mind and the universe. 

Luminarium Congress: The Awakening Of A New Consciousness

Luminarium Congress is an International Congress on Science, Consciousness, and Spirituality, that aims to expand scientific knowledge that unveils postulates, dynamics, and laws that bring new paradigms to humanity about life, mind and the universe. 

The Congress lasts 6 days, and each day has a theme.

Gregg Braden will speak on October 29th, day themed: SCIENCE AND THE MYTHICAL, TRANSGENERATIONAL AND SPIRITUAL PATHS:

In the morning there will be Brazilian speakers from different areas: psychiatrist, spiritual therapist, transgenerational therapist, music therapist, and a shaman.

In the afternoon, Dr. Paul Drouin talks about Medicine and Consciousness, and Gregg comes right after him. We are yet to confirm another international speaker to lecture before Dr. Drouin. At the end of the day, Dr. Drouin guides a meditation, part of his Noosphere project.

In the previous and following days, the Luminarium Congress brings speakers from different fields such as complementary doctors (Integrative, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, Anthroposophy, German Medicine, and Homeopathy), philosophers, quantum physicians, neuroscientist, educators, spiritual leaders, journalists and writers, combining new and millenary sciences and knowledge for re-creating a broad view of the world based on consciousness.

Our intent is to end every day with a meditation for peace and love for the planet. These meditations will be guided by different experts and techniques.

On the last day, we will have speakers talking about holographic and systemic view, followed by a quantum activism approach and a written quantum manifest to be released to the press and read by artists. We have also invited our speakers to record a three-minute video giving advises and wishes to build a planet based on consciousness principles.

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