Compassion Conference 2021 – Expand Your Consciousness

Compassion Conference 2021 – Expand Your Consciousness

Event Start Date: May 22, 2021

Event End Date: May 23, 2021

(Due to COVID-19 This Event Has Been Postponed to May 22-23, 2021) Join a workshop with Gregg Braden at the Compassion Conference in Stockholm, Sweden from May 22-23, 2021!

We welcome you to a 2-day unique opportunity in Stockholm with the Rockstars of Science at Compassion Conference, featuring Gregg Braden, Steward Pearce, Anita Nowak, Ph.D., and more. On Day 2, you’ll also be able to enjoy a workshop with a Gregg Braden.

Compassion Conference is all about enlightening the message of compassion across the globe. Starting in Stockholm, Nordic Light. We invite global speakers who share the vision of a world in peace, whether it be through science or other teachings. Compassion is a state of being where we are conscious of our own and others’ needs based on an attitude of acceptance, respect, kindness, and benevolence. Being aware of our thoughts, words and actions to the benefit of all there is, without taxing ourselves nor others in the process.

Getting There

Folkets Hus
Barnhusgatan 12-14, 111 23 Stockholm
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