Fractal Time Calculator

The Time Code Calculator is a user-friendly tool that gives us easy access to the patterns that unfold as nature’s cycles—the same patterns that govern much of the universe and life. It allows us to peer into the timeline of history in a way that mimics the vision of prophets and remote viewers in many respects.

How To Use

Once we begin to think of time in terms of repeating cycles, the steps to find the key points of change become obvious.

We just need 3 points in time:

  1. The date when the cycle begins,
  2. The date when the cycle ends, and
  3. The date when the first event (or the seed event) occurs that sets the pattern into motion within the cycle.

If you have these 3 points, we can calculate the repeat points for the pattern in time that the event establishes for the remaining portion of the cycle.

With a few simple calculations, we can use the Time Code Calculator as our window into such cycles in one of three ways: Mode 1, Mode 2 and Mode 3. With each mode we can answer a different question.

Let’s Get Started!