Mode 1

When Can We Expect Something that Has Happened in the Past to Happen Again?

That’s where MODE 1 Comes In

Using MODE 1, we can identify a seed event in our personal or collective past, and calculate when the conditions created by that event will repeat in our future.

What Qualifies as a Seed Event?

It can be anything, good or bad, from the great joys of love, romance, success, and peace, to the great tragedies of loss, suffering, and war. What’s important here is that the seed event begins the cycle.

As cycles repeat in intervals that follow natural rhythms we can apply these patterns to the events of the past to discover when we can expect to see the same conditions again. Whether the cycle lasts for a moment or for thousands of years, because it is a cycle the conditions that it carries will repeat within the larger cycle that spawned it—our present world age of 5,125 years.

The input for Mode 1 must be a date that has already occurred, such as the seed date for global war of 1914, for example.

How To Use The Fractal Time Calculator
Mode 1