Mode 2

What Date in the Past Holds the Conditions We Can Expect for the Future?

USING MODE 2 we can identify a key event in our personal or collective future, and look back into the past to find the last time the same conditions existed in the cycle. Chapter 6 of Fractal Time illustrates this by using the Time Code Calculator to identify what we can realistically expect for 2012. By using the natural rhythms described in Chapter 1 of my book Fractal Time, we can pinpoint a concrete date in our past that is the seed for what we can expect in 2012.

The input for Mode 2 must be a date that has not yet occurred, such as the future date of 2012, for example.

UPDATE: Mode 2 measured conditions in the past to predict future events relative to 2012. Now that 2012 is in our past too, we cannot use Mode 2 anymore. We have crossed the threshold of 2012 into a future we’ve never seen before.

How To Use The Fractal Time Calculator
Mode 2