Mode 3

When Can We Expect the Conditions of a Personal Experience, Either Positive or Negative, to Repeat in Our Lives?

USING MODE 3 of the Time Code Calculator we can calculate the times in our lives for the repeating conditions of any emotional experience that has left its imprint on our heart.

The conditions can range from the elation of an accomplishment to the hurt from a loss.

The key in this mode is that the experiences that create the greatest magnitude of feeling tend to become the seed events for similar conditions, and similar patterns, to repeat at cyclic intervals. From our greatest loves to our deepest hurts, it’s amazing to see how deeply the experiences from one time in life impact other relationships after the seed is planted.

As described in the text of Chapter 5 of my book, Fractal Time, the Time Code Calculator will perform the simple calculations that help to determine when you can expect the cyclic conditions of your seed experience to repeat in your life.

When we use these calculations, there are seldom absolutes and rarely exact repeats of earlier situations. What we are looking for are general patterns that can give us a “heads up” in business or romance.

The input for Mode 3 is your age when an obvious momentous event (the seed) occurred.

How To Use The Fractal Time Calculator
Mode 3