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Science and Spirituality Co-operating for our New World

Raelene Byrne | Holistic Bliss Magazine | June 2018

What would it take for a person with an influential safe career in the lucrative field of science and the corporate world to choose to walk away from a solid career path, to choose a new frontier of spirituality to follow their own inner soul compass? It takes an enormous mission of desiring betterment for […]

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Gregg Braden Interviewed About Creating in the Quantum Field Through The Heart

Frauke and Jean-Marc interview Gregg about exploring the applications of the infinite possibilities of the quantum field.

Gregg Braden | Resonance Quantique | March 2018

Frauke and Jean-Marc are pioneers in exploring the applications of the infinite possibilities of the quantum field. They are teaching, online and in workshops, how to practice quantum care. In this exchange with Gregg, they start from their work experiences based on the intention, the heart and the consciousness.

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Gregg Braden Interviewed by Debbie Dachinger

The Turning Point

PUBLISHED! Magazine | PUBLISHED! Magazine | November 2017

Gregg Braden and top authors and publishing professionals share their treasured resources, success secrets, and the defining moments that have shaped their lives in 200 full color pages of interviews, articles, and exclusive writing tips and techniques in PUBLISHED! Magazine, released bi-annually. Read Gregg’s entire interview on pages 16-23.

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Gregg Braden Teachings Featured in Artist’s Painting

Jorge Sánchez | January 2017

Published on Jan 4, 2017 Have you wondered how powerful your mind is? Everything begins as a thought. In my spiritual journey one of the most revealing books came to my hands: I was deeply inspired by the spiritual teachings and ideas from Gregg Braden. I want to put all this ancient knowledge on a […]

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Gregg Braden Interview with Danielle Lin

Danielle Lin | | January 2017

Braden’s expanding venture into the science of higher consciousness and the role it plays in our evolving future will no doubt leave you craving for more time to ponder his insights. In this extraordinary moment of global transformation, his compass is steady. He eloquently offers stepping stones to lead you through life’s most pressing questions. […]

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i’m Magazine: A 6-Part Video Interview

Rita Matos | i'm Magazine | October 2015

To find your life purpose, your heart and mind must be connected, says Gregg Braden. What you do for a living is less important than what you feel about doing it. And if it’s not fulfilling, there’s no connection. The question is “How can we marry heart and mind?” and go find your life purpose? […]

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Listen to Gregg Braden On the Dr. Julie Show

Discussing New Research in Sensory Neurites

Dr. Julie Show | Empower On-Demand | September 2015

Heart Neuron-Cells Discussed Further in Gregg’s New Book Resilience from The Heart: Dr. Julie: Can leading-edge science merge with present day realities to reveal strategies for embracing stressful change in our lives? And can the surprising discovery of brain-like cells — yep, you heard me right — I said brain-like cells — located within the […]

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Gregg Braden Featured on GaiamTV

George Noory | GaiamTV - Beyond Belief | March 2015

Gregg Braden unravels the greatest mysteries of our time with George Noory on Beyond Belief! George and Gregg will dive into how science and ancient teachings can be used together to unfold some of our greatest mysteries of our time. inspirations in a minute huff post

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