The Turning Point

Gregg Braden
There’s a time when every crisis can become transformation; when simply surviving can become joyous thriving. In our lives that time is The Turning Point. In our world that time is now!

In this compelling new work, best-selling author and visionary Gregg Braden merges his expertise in leading-edge science with present-day realities to answer the questions on everyone’s minds: What’s causing the extremes in our world? What do the global trends mean in our personal lives? How do we make everyday life better for us and our families? Through his powerful synthesis of easy-to-understand science and real-world circumstances,
Gregg uniquely:

1. Identifies the facts underlying the crises of personal, as well as global, change.
2. Describes new scientific discoveries that hold the key to turning global crises into personal transformation.
3. Reveals simple strategies of resilient thinking for our finances and lifestyles and resilient living for our families and communities as we navigate the greatest shift in power, wealth, and resources in the modern world!

Will we choose the Turning Point to the greatest transformation

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